In the TV Listing page shows 4 Information layout options to choose the one that suits you.

Depending on the layout you choose, the corresponding label switched.
In detail, the viewing options:

1.  Horizontal television program provision

2.  Vertical television program provision

3.  Device list in full screen.

4.  Display information in full screen. On horizontal and vertical layout

Turn your selection again by pressing the same button.

You can search easily and quickly shows you want from the list below:

If you want more specific search, each category  you choose has the respective subcategories, which are selected from the list next (example):

If you want to see the schedule of a particular channel then click on the channel logo and you will be directed to the relevant program page.

Favorite Channel - Favorite TV Shows
Whichever view layout you choose, you have the ability to create your own TV guide with your favorite shows and your favorite channels.
After registration / login with your personal account page of TV guide now you can turn your favorite channels / shows selecting the gray star (which you see next to each channel logo and in each broadcast / transmission) .
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Once you have completed your selections, press the following buttons you can see your personal TV guide:


In all future transmissions, there is the possibility reminder [bell] * Start where turning on will get your message in the email or on your mobile phone (you can set the time you want to receive a message e.g. 1 hour before transmission of, of your profile settings).

To receive reminders on your cell phone is necessary to install the application available for iOS & Android which you can download here: